Art by Marc F

Modern Abstract Art

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field of Flowers



Sand Shot



The Park










The kotel winter


Rain Forest


Gold Shimmer










Night- The Kotel


The Burning Bush


Blue Agate


Houndetooth Mirror Copper and Navy


Houndstooth Mirror Black and White


Pink Agate


The Face


The Colors of Light








Rush Hour








Aztec in Graphics


Cherry Blossoms

This piece was done at the New York  Botanical Gardens when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. The artist zoomed in on a section of the tree  and recreated it. 


 The whitewash of pastels in this painting create such a beautiful effect. The natural shapes and drips  glazed over with sparkle and resin will bring life and beauty to any room.

The Beachhouse 32 x 48

The colors used in this painting , the oranges and blues and whites remind me of  summers at the Jersey shore. It belongs in someones beautiful beachhouse, it's stunning I love it. Of course it is finished in a liquid glass resin that just makes all the colors pop and almost glow.

Lava 3 pc 24 x 24 ea

This painting is like  lava  as it flows after an eruption, and the same lava that changes its color as it finally cools down. This can only be seen in places like Hawaii  or here, on this  canvas.

Ebb and Flo 32 x 48

The beautiful watercolors used here were created to give the artwork a soft and beachy  look. It seeks a home at the shore, which is exactly what the artist intended. This piece was not coated with its liquid glass finish yet, however once it is, the colors will most certainly pop!

Morroco 32 x 48


This inspirational painting is created with pure shades of silver, gold and turquoise, it will bring to any room the exotic aura that is Morroco. It is stunning. This photo does not do it justice, with a hint of sparkle  and a liquid glass finish that must be veiwed in person to be truly appreciated.

Waterfalls 3- 24 x 24

Imagine standing in front of a waterfall and right behind it, glittering on the wet rocks, are the colors of  the rainbow. Beautiful hues of green, blue, and pink all frosted with streaks of silvery white, just breathtaking.

Abstract Red - 24x 48

Abstract Red has a stunning liquid glass glossy finish painting that has a vivid, bold look. The color is breathtaking and powerful.

Colored Circles - 24 x 24

This piece is a one of a kind painting that has a geometric circular pattern and colors that will drive you wild. A specialized painting process makes this piece stand out and look great in any modern area of your house.

Purple Space - 33 x 49

 Imagine traveling through hyperspace at warp speed and the actual fabric of the cosmos is rushing past you at unbelievable speed. This 32 x 48 majestic painting gives the viewer the high of escaping from the bonds of the earth to soar into their imagination. This piece will light up any room with its power and splendor.